Why Spider-Man: No Way Home isn't available to watch on Disney+

Posted by Nicholas Masi on

"Spider-Man No Way Home might be out now on digital release worldwide, but you won't be seeing it swing onto Disney+ like most MCU movies.

Unlike every other MCU movie (barring The Incredible Hulk), it's Sony – and not Disney or Marvel Studios – which owns the movie rights to Spider-Man. It's why you also can't watch Homecoming or Far From Home on Disney+.

Instead, if you want to watch No Way Home, you'll have to buy it... from Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store and other digital retailers." (that's me!)

"In April 2021, Sony did strike a deal with Disney to bring their catalogue, including Spider-Man movies, to Disney+.  However, this doesn't come into effect until movies released in 2022 and those Sony movies will only arrive on Disney+ after a first run on Netflix.

It means the Spider-Man threequel will first be released on Starz in the US as all other Sony movies have, following its digital and physical home release." From DigitalSpy.com  Click here for more.