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Google Play Movies & TV app is going away on 05 October 2023

Google Play Movies & TV app will no longer be available on Android TV devices from 05 October 2023. You can find your existing purchases on the Shop tab under Purchased on YouTube. Please visit Google TV Help center or YouTube Help Center if you need help accessing your previous purchases.

What does this means for codes that redeem in Google??

Most likely the Google redemption website will be taken down and Google redeems won't work in the near future. It may be on 05 October, or it may be a later retirement date to be determined. Codes that are redeemed before 05 October will remain in your digital library.

HBO TV shows like Game of Thrones transfer into your YouTube account for future viewing when redeemed in Google. They do NOT transfer into Vudu or iTunes.

Recommended Actions to take:

Link your Movies Anywhere account to Google Play:

Sign into Movies Anywhere, go to your account settings and click Link Retailers and link your MA account to Google Play. Then redeem discounted Disney codes in Google before 05 October and they will transfer into your MA-linked Vudu, iTunes and Amazon libraries. The Google Disney movies redeemed will not disappear from your library later as they are recorded in your Movies Anywhere purchase history.

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